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Tango Etiquette

  • The man (or the Leader) should approach and invite woman (or the Follower) to dance the tango.
  • A Leader’s invitation to dance should always be done with a “cabeceo”*, without forcing the Follower into an uncomfortable situation.
  • The Leader should always escort the Follower to be seated after completing the dance.
  • While dancing the tango, please avoid chatting or “chamuyo”** as this may affect either partner’s concentration.
  • Couples on the dance floor should always move in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Always maintain a good distance from other couples, and avoid bumping into others, zigzagging or “taking over” the dance floor.
  • Couples should not move ahead of another pair dancing in front of them.
  • One should always apologize when accidentally bumping into another person or couple.
  • Remember to have fun and know that “Tango es un sentimiento que se baila.”***

* Cabeceo: a nod of the head

** Chamuyo: Flirtacious talk that tries to impress or convince

*** “Tango es un sentimiento que se baila.”: Tango is an emotion that is danced. Enrique Santos Discépolo. Poet and composer (b.1901- d.1951)